selfie2Hey what’s up hello. Welcome to my blog! My name is Sabrina and this is my first blog, ever. I will be writing things I have thought of either in the shower, while driving, or right before bed. I will be contemplating life, how I live, any extreme emotions I’m feeling, or any inspirational thoughts I may want to share. Hopefully I can help you with your journey to happiness as you read this sort of online journal about myself, for myself, to myself.

I’ve been attempting to learn how to play the guitar for 5 years now so I am determined to do it this year! I like working out, reading/writing inspirational books/poems, and I love watching Shark Tank and reading about stories where entrepreneurs have succeeded and created an amazing business from nothing. Yes I love reality TV because I love listening to their drama, much like I love listening to hair-dresser drama when I’m getting a haircut. It’s the guilty pleasures in life that make us interesting. I’m a hat person. And love meditating. I try to meditate every day, especially before sleep because it helps me relax and knock out.

I am a 23 year old graduate student, a Teaching Assistant, a Realtor, and an explorer of myself. I wear many hats but my most interesting and elusive hat is my beanie. As winter is winding down, I shed my outer beanie layer and will take on the snap back. As I make this transformation, I will share some of my experiences with discovering who I am, what I stand for, and most importantly, my road to happiness and self-love. I feel we often seek the love and approval of others, yes I have been victim of this, and yes those things will bring you temporary happiness. Don’t get me wrong, nothing is greater than meeting someone new, instantly connecting with them, and then getting all gussied up to spend time with them and learn everything there is to know about them , their family, their friends, and their third cousin twice removed who lives in New Zealand and is a snorkeling instructor. I’m not saying be single and don’t make any friends ever, because life is all about the time you spend with good people. But if/when those things/people leave you, you are sometimes left feeling lost, lonely, depressed, and worthless. I have experienced this many times before. And I have recently realized that the lover I truly have been seeking is myself. I alone can bring myself true happiness and long-lasting love and acceptance. I will share some of my wisdom, bitterness, hope, and ideas on life, love, and the pursuit discovering happiness that is within you (trust me, I’m looking for that warm fuzzy spot too, I am a cynic, a critic, and a sarcastic pessimist but I am also an intensely emotional and feeling person who cares a heck of a lot about everyone.)

I will try to upload a little something everyday, or fairly frequently. So check back daily to see what’s new! Also follow me on

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Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy!