We dream, we hope, we wish, we stay in our mind instead of doing. We think, over-think, re-think until our head is pounding and we feel dizzy from the little wheel inside our brain that hasn’t stopped spinning. We can’t sleep at night because our thoughts are never-ending. We worry about things that will happen in the future, and sometimes we worry about things that may never happen, hey, we just plain worry! We work ourselves up until we feel we are about to burst from the inside. I know this because I can relate. And the one thing I realized was that, I am going so many places in my mind, yet I am still here laying in bed. I want to be a computer programmer, I dream about the things I could do, I signed up for a class yet I haven’t logged onto the site in three months. I have dreams of being a great guitarist, meanwhile I’ve been a “beginner” for the past 10+ years!! I wanted so badly to be a writer and…oh wait I did this one by starting this blog 😉 hey it’s my first step!

So, I realize this pattern in myself, and I want you to realize it too. Living in your mind, whether it’s dreaming or worrying, will do you no good. You must do something about your dreams otherwise they are just hopes and thoughts to occupy you for your daydreaming pleasure. Go out and make something happen! Yes, it is good to have dreams and goals, now go and accomplish them! If you are looking for that sign to go back to school, change careers, learn a new hobby, make new friends, well baby this is it. I believe in you, reader. Now it is up to you to believe in yourself.