Although I meditate every single day, I have neglected to attend my weekly group meditation. Today I went for the first time in months! I truly missed the good people there. I’m not sure if they know my name, even though we are a small group of about 20 or so, I somehow slip under the radar especially since my few month hiatus. Regardless, these people truly enhance my life. It is such a mix of people that would never normally meet together. After meditation we all talk about our individual experiences. One by one we all tell a story, some are longer than others, but all are equally important to me. If you meditate alone, try it in a group because the warm energy is palpitating. A woman who has lived probably 4 times as long as my life attends our group. Although she is silent, her elderly wisdom radiates through the room. Today I had the privileged of sitting next to her. She is silent but powerful. Today she tapped my arm because I had a paper on the floor and she wanted me to pick it up 🙂

I love hearing about everyone’s life story. It truly amazes me the troubles, obstacles, and hardships these individuals have suffered. Walking past them on a city street they would appear to be just a nameless person with no story, no background, and no effect on your life. You would never know how much they have struggled by looking at them. They have the semblance and presence of composure. They have come to terms with some things and not with others. I will not go into details, but just know every single person has a story. The guy who makes your coffee every morning, the lady who cut you in the line at Chipotle, the person walking on the street speed walking past you in a grey suit and sneakers. Maybe if we took the time out to listen to people, we would realize we are not alone. We all can connect on some level of humanity. From this group I have realized that some people in the world truly are cruel, but others truly are benevolent. Most of us just get so caught up in the greed, power struggle, depression, and sexual frustration and we forget that those who we hurt or put down have feelings, a life, a family.

Just think about how many people you have encountered throughout your life, all of the nameless and faceless people you have walked past in the mall or on the street or in the grocery store have played as an extra in the movie of your life. And think about how many times you have played an extra in someone else’s movie. Isn’t it amazing to think about how we as humans actually form the connections that we do? How did it come to be that certain people entered my life and got to know me and I got to know them? Some people played or currently play main characters, others maybe played supporting actors, and some quit tmy show. Why did they quit?

To me, the most fascinating thing in the world is to hear other people’s stories. That is probably why I connect to the elderly so much. I also love listening to any advice they may give me. Thankfully, you don’t need a meditation group in order to appreciate this or figure this all out (but it helps). If you are looking to start meditating on your own then I highly recommend the Oprah & Deepak Chopra 21 day meditation challenge. Search and you shall find.

(And yes the picture is me from Snapchat, my username is: sabayoub
Was I a character in your movie that day?! Maybe.)