There is a concept in the field of logic that discusses different conditions for evaluating statements. One thing I will explain is the difference between necessary and sufficient conditions. I won’t take this and turn it into an academic lecture because frankly, I don’t know much about the subject. But, today I realized..
The ability to hear does not guarantee the ability to listen. The ability to see does not give you the power of vision. The ability to grasp does not guarantee the ability to feel.
For these statements, ears and hearing, eyes and sight, and hands and grasping all are necessary conditions, but they are not sufficient conditions in the abilities to listen, see, and feel. Get it?
You can take this as it is, as direct statements or you can get lofty and think about the deeper meaning of those phrases. Just because we can hear does not mean we are listening to others when they speak. Just because we can see does not mean we have a vision. And just because we can hold something does not mean we feel anything (emotionally). Our perception interprets this external stimuli to give these things meaning. Without perception, these experiences would be meaningless to us. What we perceive to be true is our own reality. So to us, it is our truth. If I believe I am awesome, then there is no other choice but for me to be awesome in my own terms. So, manifest what you want by believing in it and by believing in yourself. We all have the necessary conditions to be able to do what we want, but these are not sufficient that it will get done.

You are good enough…no actually, you’re great!