Am I lazy for not wanting to continue to do the work to stay on the path I am currently on? Do I feel like I’m entitled to something more? Something better? More money? I certainly don’t think I am that lazy for having all that I have accomplished thus far in my life–so let’s scratch that off the list. And we can scratch off the feeling of entitlement, I certainly don’t think I am entitled to anything without working for it. Do I want something better and more exiting that makes me more money? Yes. I crave something different. I may be crazy for wanting to completely turn my world upside down and flounder a bit until I pick myself with my passion. I want to feel, deeply. When I feel is when I do my best work and when I feel most high. I get high on feelings. Is it so wrong of me to want to feel something? This generation is constantly trying to mask feelings when I am over here being open and vulnerable in order to feel. I know that being unfeeling is a measure of protection to some extent, but what is life void of emotion? I am not the hedonistic type, but I want my everyday life to be free from the mundane. I can’t possibly continue on this path of complete and utter boredom. What life is this. But, will changing my main circumstance necessarily mean I will put myself out there more? I don’t know. My main activity takes up most of my time but I suppose if I really wanted adventure that I would have sought it out by now. Well, I’ll let you know once I free myself from this world of stress and anxiety. It isn’t so bad when I think about the whole thing. It is pretty sweet to have most of the day to myself. But, I have these tasks looming over me, always. I know any other person has the same troubles, but I think I need to take the dive and just see where I land. I can always come back if I get too lost. But I owe it to myself to explore.