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How did we go from this to that
To now arguing ‘tit for tat.’
I sit back to relax and the thoughts pour in
So I sink and rethink while I over-think
And reminisce back to our first kiss
When we were both free and smiling from
Ear to ear but now when I think of us I
Shed a tear for the days we won’t share
And the laughs I won’t see and the
Smile I can’t kiss and the
Love I can’t show and the
Bond that will never grow.

I put the future in the past
Can’t remember the kiss we had last
Or the moments I held you close
I treat every moment like it’s fleeting
Which maybe is why you were leaving before you left and
When I grabbed your hand to hold
For the last time I think there was still snow
On the ground but now as I pound the pavement
The movement of my feet,
Swaying back and forth
Will never bring love full force.

Now that the line of communication has been broken
And I’ve professed everything, yes I have spoke it and
I kept my mind so very wide open
Just for thinking, dreaming, and hoping
But realizing it’s no use has made me want to
put a plan into motion to prove my love and devotion
They say to have some self-respect, keep your dignity close
But when it comes to love some rules have to be broken.