I got this idea from my mom and I am going to try this out and share my thoughts with you guys. I hope you will follow suit (either write it for yourself or maybe share with your friends or family). This works better if hand written so your words are more tangible. This can help boost your confidence as well as keep you from berating yourself with negative thoughts either about yourself or the world around you. When you feel yourself sinking, ground yourself.

First, start out with writing 5 positive words that you associate yourself with.

Here are my responses:
1. Caring 2. Loving 3. Intuitive 4. Intelligent 5. Beautiful

Next, move onto writing 3 things you are grateful for.
1. I am grateful for my mother.
2. I am grateful for all the caring and compassionate people in my life who have stuck with me through it all, including my girlfriend.
3. I am thankful that I am able to take time and explore my interests.

Finally, write a positive affirmation for yourself; a personal mantra if you like.
1. I know my worth and have faith in my own ability.

I hope you enjoyed the process! You don’t get the ability to rebuild yourself every morning you wake up…because you can rebuild yourself at any moment.