A couple days ago I kind of wanted to take the easy way out. Either option would have required significant work, but I wanted to get the task out of the way as soon as possible so I chose the option that would allow me to do so. I had some concerns because the option seemed like some variable was missing…and it turned out to be that one of the documents I needed to review was missing 700 pages.. My short-term option of 100 pages in 3 weeks quickly turned into 800 pages in 4 weeks. If I would have went with my gut and stayed away from this option when I had doubts, perhaps I could have choose something else. So, now I have to work with this and not dwell on the circumstances. Things need to get done!

Even the easier route requires some amount of work. If you are already going to do that work anyway, why try to take shortcuts. Taking shortcuts may result in you making mistakes or forgetting about important elements. Taking “easy” classes in college still requires some amount of studying and effort, otherwise those easy classes can easily sink your GPA. They may be significantly less work than other classes, but you must still put in some effort. Speed reading through documents or books never helps either. You may catch some tidbits, but most likely you will need to go back and re-read. This all could have been avoided if you started out diligently reading.

I’m not really sure if I have every really found an easy way out of anything. I have always had to work hard for everything. Riding on the co-tails of someone else’s success was never my thing. Being above average gives me a thrill. Being in the top 10% of achievers gives me internal validation and being #1 gives me much joy, at least at first. If you succeed in something you don’t like, then what does that mean? If you work towards some ideal and map out your life only to find that the end goal is not a place you enjoy, then what is all of that work good for? A goal is an endpoint. Intentions represent your ideology, what you live by everyday, no matter if you hit that goal or not. Your intentions will always be there while you may pass by or fall short of many goals. In order to cope with the failures and losses you need to remember how you want to be looked at and who you want to be known as. How do you want your life story to sound, like you worked hard at things that mattered to you or that you were lazy and complacent?

Sticking to what you’re good at only creates complacency. Stepping outside of your comfort zone is where life’s adventures happen. It is only through self-exploration that you can figure out what you are passionate about and how you can start living that life. Too many of us create a life of being a complacent victim, never grabbing the bull by the horns and never taking responsibility for our actions. Yes, things that are out of our control happen to us and we must deal with them, but knowing who you are and where you stand currently and where you want to go will help you push through adversity. Never play the victim, be your own hero and create the life you will be proud of. Have integrity, help others, and know that not everything can be planned.

The only way to get through tough times is not by going against adversity, but by walking with it. What do you admire in others? When you hear life stories about successful people, what is it that makes you intrigued? What is your personal definition of success? What is your personal definition of greatness? What is the common denominator in all the stories of people’s lives that make you wish you were like them? What is stopping you?

Stop making excuses and start making some moves. Nothing is easy and if you fail to take risks then you risk seeing yourself fail at something you chose to do that doesn’t even make you happy.

Is it true that in order to be good at something, you have to be passionate about it? In the short-run, you can fake it. In the long-run, passion prevails. And sometimes, the easy route is disguising an 800 page document for review..