For the past two weeks I have taken a mental break from my research responsibilities. My over-working self has the tendency to feel guilty whenever I stop doing work for a period of time. I know I need to take time off to refuel, but the Screen Shot 2016-01-02 at 5.29.49 PM.pngguilt just piles up. Today, coincidentally, I came across an article by Richard Branson, link below. Yes, even the most successful people in the world take a little time off.

Guilt implies you did/are doing something wrong, but time spent having fun with family, friends and loved ones is never time wasted. The work will be there when I get back but the time to make memories will pass.

Just remember you WILL meet your deadlines and your work will get done. You may feel guilty in the short-run for taking time off, but try to use that and instead fuel yourself to be extra efficient when you return to your responsibilities.  In the long-run, you won’t regret not doing work, instead you will regret doing too much work and forgetting to spend time with those who matter.