Realizing that anxiety is the root of most of my problems has opened my eyes and my lungs. Stopping and controlling my breath at the thought of each anxiety-spawned fearful thought has been helping the past week. It will take time and conscious effort to control myself in those anxious moment. Never knowing when they will attack is somewhat scary. Life will always throw curve balls at us, but if we take the time to relax then we can avoid being hit square in the face. Nothing is too serious. Things may seem earth-shattering in the moment, but after we take a step back to suppress the anxiety we can see a clear, rational picture of the problem at hand. What are the true worst case scenarios, taking out the radical irrationality of our anxiety-driven thoughts and we can see that there are solutions.

Having a future-oriented outlook on life can help and hurt you. It helps to think long-term and not short-term in terms of problems we may have or opportunities that may come. If we are near-minded then we won’t see past our problems and everything will become too daunting to handle. And near-mindedness can hinder our growth by only thinking in terms of shortsighted happiness. Sometimes we need to struggle and sacrifice to get to places we want to go. If we are far-minded, we often underestimate all that we can accomplish in a year, two years, five years.But this mindset can help us overcome our anxiety-driven fears and realize that our circumstances will change and new opportunities will appear in the future.

I couldn’t have ever guess I’d be where I am today so how can I predict where I’ll be in a year…five years? The only thing to do is to work towards a goal we want to accomplish. Opportunities may pop up and lead us down a different path, we just need to be open and willing to keep moving forward. Take steps towards your goals no matter how small. Any progress is good progress. Are your interests/passions interesting enough to compel you to commit to them?

When we lose all fear, there’s nothing left but to succeed.

When we lose the fear of failure and the fear of truly succeeding, when we lose the fear of letting our loved ones down, when we lose the fear of not being good enough or accepted, when we lose the fear of making the wrong decisions, there is only one option left…success.