If I were to die tomorrow, my last words probably would be: so this is it?

I’ve been slacking on my responsibilities because I’ve been racking my brain to try to figure out what it is I want to do in life. I listened to Lewis Howes’ podcast this morning about how to do just that. He suggested to leave all electronics and to go out in nature to get in touch with my inner brain. Well, since my allergies have been terrorizing me the past few days, I decided if I turn off the lights and put every electronic on silent, I could mimic this approach and modify it to my current needs. Anyway, I thought I have tried to do this in the past to no avail. Howes’ logic was that if you can’t figure out what you truly desire to do, deep down, then your mind must be cluttered. In order to find your deepest desires, you must de-clutter that brain. This is where I’ve been going wrong. I never de-cluttered my brain. I always had thoughts in the foreground about how I’m not good enough, don’t know enough, and just my general anxieties about my life in general. I keep thinking I must figure it out now. What is my true calling?

I’ve never read the Alchemist by Paulo Coelho but it is on my to-read list. Howes references that this book changed his life and gave him clarity. (Again, I really need to read this book.) However, since I don’t have the book at the moment, I decided to take a few minutes to just breathe. I thought about not only what I admire in others, but the qualities and general themes all the stories share. I cannot exactly model someone else’s journey in life, so I need to make it my own. But, there are these general themes that I am drawn towards. So, here is the list I have come up with for my own life goals, although not specific on what or how I will achieve them, it is a start for me.

  1. to create.
  2. to love and be loved.
  3. to travel.
  4. to inspire.
  5. to be different.

So, I have decided these are the things I feel I need to do in order to not have my life end and have my last breath utter, so this is it.

What is your list? Comment and share!