“Follow your passion.”

Trends come and go with time. Nothing is constant. So in a world where the only constant is change…what is there for an aspiring entrepreneur to do?

You’ve been told to follow your passion. Maybe you can’t figure that out, but you do know it deep inside your soul, you inherently know what you’re destined to do. Fear is claimed to be the one thing holding you back from realizing the actualization of your deep-rooted passions, but what if I told you it isn’t as simple as that. Maybe you have interests but have not found that one thing you are truly passionate about. What’s an entrepreneur to do? I say it is much more efficient to list 20 potential interests. Then put a * next to the things you could realistically commit to. What can you create actionable steps toward accomplishing? Map it out.

How will you ever find the motivation to keep on keepin’ on with pursuing this newfound interest that you’re working towards mastering so you can make it into a viable business so you can quit your dreadful day job and support yourself and your family…

Well, no wonder 90% of new businesses fail and why the majority of us never put our dreams into action….because just like trends, passions and motivation come and go. How can we have continued flow and work towards something when we so easily lose steam. We may think maybe we were not passionate about the thing at all because we lost motivation so quickly to work for it. But really, what I think it is, is that passions and motivations are fleeting, temporary, and transitory in nature. They come and go like the wind. One day we love doing it the next day we hate it.

A much more sustainable approach to starting a business is to, like I said earlier, write down about 20 possible interest, narrow that down to 3 things you WILL act on. Then your drive will push you forward. Drive is the more permanent cousin of motivation. Where motivation is fleeting from moment to moment, drive ignites us for the long haul. And maybe you don’t need to find your passion, but instead, you need to bring your passion into whatever you do.

So, don’t put too much emphasis into finding your passion and motivation, rather you should strive to bring your passion into the things you choose to do and let your drive take you to the next level.

Don’t go searching for passion, rather, bring your passion to the table and fuel it with your drive.