Is there something you want to complete? It is almost halfway through 2016…did you have a New Year’s Resolution that did not come to fruition? Sometimes our anxiety gets in the way of completing our goals because the big picture looks too overwhelming and intimidating. To get over the daunting parts of completing our goal, here are some tips to help you along the process.

Instead of saying “I want to learn how to play the guitar” or “I want to learn how to code” make tangible goals for yourself by setting deadlines. Reverse engineer your desires. Start with the end in mind instead of mindlessly professing these desires.

For example, when would you like to learn the guitar by? Maybe you would like to know how to play 10 songs by the end of the summer. What will you need to do to accomplish this goal? You can sign up for lessons, watch Youtube videos, or ask a friend for help. In order to become proficient at anything, you need practice. But not just any old practice. You can’t just strum the guitar 100 times a day and expect to be a professional… You need to learn how to hold the guitar, how to hold the pick, how to form chords, etc. You need to schedule time for deliberate practice. Perhaps each day you can play when you get home from work for 30 minutes. Sit down and commit to mastering a new chord progression per day or learning the introduction to a song one day and the chorus the next day, etc.

You are more likely to accomplish things when you see the end in mind, plan for it, and set out time for deliberate practice. When we can create an action plan and break down our goal into smaller tasks, then we can sometimes suppress our anxiety enough for us to get moving. Now maybe I can take my own advice and actually learn to really play the guitar…