I know for myself that I have a lot of anxiety about the future. Choosing the right path right now seems like the most crucial thing but making the decision and sticking to it is what truly induces your anxiety.

I have come to accept what is and try not to worry too much about the future because I do not know what it will look like or what opportunities may come my way. Think back to last year, did you accurately predict today’s reality? How about three years ago? Five years ago? You cannot predict with 100% certainty all of the obstacles and successes you will have throughout your life. There is no way to plan for every possible scenario and outcome. Find comfort in this. It really can lift the weight and pressure of everyday decisions off your shoulders. This is not to say that you should forget the future altogether and make no plans or goals. What I am saying is to suppress the worrying, questioning voice that is in your head stressing you out about every decision you have to make. Say you decide you want to lose weight by going to the gym every morning and then you wake up the next day not feeling like going to the gym…do it anyway! Don’t even allow your mind to have the leeway to question if you want to or not. Just do the thing, go to the gym!

Once you make a decision, stick to it. The problem most people have is not about making decisions, but sticking to them and not wavering. Don’t get FOMO (fear of missing out) on other things you could be pursuing. If you chose a path, try it out for a while and don’t question your already thought out decision. You made the choice for a reason, right? You already thought out all the pros and cons. You know it, and you know you the best. You are the expert on you.

Both anxiety and excitement lie in the unknown. Don’t allow your mind to accept what your thoughts tell you. Ignore your thoughts about what you feel. Who really wants to get up at 5am to go to the gym when it is raining? Not me! But if you told yourself you will, then do it. Who really wants to do the work, to learn every nuance of their chosen profession, to study for that exam…no one! But sometimes you have to do the grunt work. Hard work is inevitable, but it could be made a little bit easier if you begin today and not procrastinate until tomorrow. You never know what fun adventures could show up tomorrow, so work today and get things done!

Know that your dilemma is not in choosing the right path. Your true obstacle is getting over your own anxious thoughts and feelings about the different aspects associated with the path you choose. In choosing a career, you won’t know what is actually the right fit for you until you try out a few different things and see what you like and what sticks. Some have the fortune of knowing exactly what they want to do with their life, and that is amazing. But for the majority of us, we choose the path of least resistance and the most practical opportunity that is presented to us. Choosing a career is like test driving a car, a nice shiny convertible may look like enticing on the outside, but may be filled with problems on the inside. From the outside of any career, like computer coding, it looks like it is the cool thing to do, but in reality you will be staring at a computer screen for hours on end. Do you really want that? Try it out for a bit and see…