Recently everyone has been trying to sway me in all different directions. Go here, do this, this is better for you… Calm and cool voices slowly taking you on a trip into envisioning your future. It is almost like looking into the crystal ball…looking deep into this sphere to see what fortunes lie ahead if you trust this person to lead you. Sometimes following people down the rabbit hole could lead you to adventures, like Alice found out so many times. But if you’re not careful, you could fall prey to those smooth-talking salesmen.

As a rational person you can figure out your own pros and cons of the choices you make. Remember persuasion is an art. These types of people can smell gullible and naive people from a mile away. Don’t trick yourself into thinking other people know what is best for you. Be sure in your steps. Trust your gut. If you find out your gut was wrong, well then go ahead and change course.

Make a choice and take a stand OR risk having others push you left and right your whole life. Zig-zag or go straight down the path…it is your choice.