We all have had moments in our lives where we did not want to do something. We get up in the morning dreading to go to work and take on the responsibilities we have. We get home and dread going to the gym to lose that last 10 pounds we have wanted to lose for the past year and a half. When we make our own choices and take responsibility for our own life, we also take on the risk of failure. Maybe we have chose a profession we do not like out of practicality. Perhaps we chose a major that has a good hiring rate after graduation…

When we let society or our parents make choices for us, we will never be happy. What if I were to tell you that there is no wrong decision. Would this ease your worried mind? Make a decision, see if you like it, try to make it work, don’t question yourself, make a plan to get things done, and just do it! Don’t allow yourself the leeway to waiver on your decision. Trust your gut. Trust that the choice you have made for yourself has been made with a full analysis of pros and cons. Know that the future is uncertain in any endeavor. Maybe your path will change, but just keep on keepin’ on. Propel yourself in the direction you have now chosen and do everything you can to make it work. If it just doesn’t work or you are unhappy with it, change course. Enough ripples in the water of your life will change the course of the water’s current. Test things out to see if you like to do them. Follow the little whisper of your curiosity. Curiosity did not kill the cat, trepidation and hesitation did. Waivering and wading in the waters leaves you stagnant. Your current state of inaction needs to be thwarted. Follow the little curiosities. For those who have not had that A-HA moment, try following those little curiosities and small interests. Passion comes from within and purpose is created through meaningful action.

So choose yourself, bet on yourself. It is possibly the best investment you could make.