Until recently, I felt like I was the only one who went through these periods of my life where everything and anything that needed to be done felt like a chore. I never wanted to do anything. I didn’t feel like getting up, brushing my teeth, doing my hair, choosing an outfit, going to meetings, doing work, cleaning up after myself…. Every little thing bothered me. I was devoid of all joy. I felt emotionless, utterly bored, and completely uninterested in life.

So how did I get out of this “funk” ? Well, I reframed two questions I asked myself…

  1. Instead of asking myself why I feel like everything is a chore…my ultimate realization was when I googled “what to do when everything feels like a chore.” This actionable question helped me to realize that there are other people who feel the same way I do and I’m not alone. Realizing you are not alone in this is totally freeing. I felt so alone like something was wrong with me. I actually felt guilty for feeling this way.
    But when I stopped asking myself “why” and started asking myself “what can I do” then things started to change course for me. I then had the courage to tell my therapist how I was feeling and I realized something was wrong with the way my brain was wired. I didn’t even know that feeling this way happened to others… So that’s when the second re-framed question came into my tool-belt and equipped me with the knowledge I applied in #2 below to making myself pro-active instead of inactive.
  2. Instead of asking myself if I really wanted to go to the gym like I had planned, I just went to the gym! I didn’t give myself the luxury of even asking what I felt like doing. Once you tell yourself something is non-negotiable, you are more prone to stick to it. I still didn’t want to do work or go to the gym, but I did anyway. I pushed myself. When I wanted to get distracted by Facebook, I stopped and told myself a firm “no”.
    I fall in and out of these “funks” and go through periods of intense focus and clarity of mind and then sink back into my cloudy-minded funk. My mind operates based on “all-or-nothing” so I am either intensely focused on something and when that stops then I stop too. I recently have come out of a period of intense productivity and now find myself teetering on the brink of a funk. I am trying to apply my own advice and just do the things that need to get done, but it is still tough.

Sometimes you need to reframe your question… Hope this helps. And know that you are not alone.