In reading the “4-Hour Workweek” by Tim Ferriss, this phrase in Japanese struck me — datsu-sara-suru, which means to escape the salaryman life. This phrase has summed up my entire viewpoint on the world and it has eluded me until this point in my life. In almost giving in and thinking about continuing to trade my most valuable currency -time- for -money- this Japanese phrase has re-adjusted my mind. Making the most of my time and the direction I put my attention is what will matter most in my life. Slave-save-relax (interpretation: work – save – retire) is not a way to go through life. Instead, Ferriss suggests going experiencing multiple mini-retirements throughout life. This is to be funded by either having an automated business that works in your absence or by freelancing, having a flexible work schedule, and many more…

If you become the architect of your life, you won’t accept anything less than the things that will move you closer to you goals. Life will throw many distractions your way, and you will not want to pass them up simply because you fear more will not come to you. You have a fear-centered mentality. I challenge you to think in abundance because more opportunities will come your way. You do not need to accept everything thrown at you. Some things will seem enticing and wrapped in bundles of cash, but they are just distractions. Working purposefully towards your goals and ignoring the distractions is the only way to success, so don’t accept anything less. People often misinterpret a random job or assignment as “meant-to-be” revelations. They think since they are being offered to do something, that it must be a sign that this is what they were meant to do. This, however, is not the case. Yes sometimes a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity will be thrown at you, but I’ve come to learn that little in this life is irreversible. Sometimes I find that I turn down one job and another one comes my way that is better suited for me. So don’t be afraid to turn down an assignment for the fear of not receiving more (unless you are truly pressed for cash).

If you don’t take the wheel of your own life, then life will veer you in every which direction – so don’t be surprised if you land somewhere you didn’t want to be. The only way to truly get to a place you never wanted to be in is by “going with the flow.” Be purposeful, act boldly, and take action towards the direction of your goals.