How do you find your calling in career and life? Watch this interview below with Chase Jarvis and Chris Guillebeau.

Watch to see what the joy-money-flow model is and more!

My biggest takeaway was to ask myself two questions:

  1. Is it working?
    Interpretation: Is your current career path going well? Is it still working out for you at this point in your life or are you feeling stressed and overwhelmed and itching for change?
  2. Do you believe in it?
    Interpretation: Do you care about what you are currently doing and working on? Do you believe in what you’re selling and the value you are adding to your company or customers?If these two main questions are a resounding NO, then you need to make a change, maybe not tomorrow but change needs to come soon. If you realize you are not happy and this current career is not working out for you the way you thought it might OR if you lost your passion for it OR forgot why you started in the first place…make small changes. Or make a big change. Whatever you’re ready for!