If you find yourself constantly bored with what you are doing, who you are doing it with, or just your life in general, you are more likely to face some kind of mental health issue too. Now, who’s to say which came first, the boredom or depression. They may go hand in hand. But keeping busy with productive, challenging work and spending quality time with loved ones and making memories with friends will surely help stave off your sense of boredom. Just be wary of the fact you might be trying to fight boredom for the wrong reasons. Are you just scared of being alone with your racing thoughts?

Either way, people who are prone to boredom are more prone to anxiety, depression, and OCD. When I read this statistic in this article it really struck a cord with me. I tell everyone how bored I feel all the time and I suffer from all 3 of those conditions. Now I am trying to come up with better ways to help make my mental health better and not be bored all the time. I’ve heard it before that people who are bored are boring people. But it may not be as simple as that. It may be a more complex, deep layered feeling that goes hand in hand with your mental health.