Around this time every year, people make new year resolutions to change their life, be it their mind, body, or spirit. We have an ideal that we want to live up to in our head. And when we fall short of our goals, they either become a passing thought or a source of deep resentment. If you find yourself at the end of January wondering how you fell short of your goal, it may be because of one fatal flaw…

Instead of making a new year resolution and writing down every goal you want to accomplish, write down a gameplan. So, this year don’t just dream and wish and hope for your life to change, actually take steps to make it happen. Create a plan that you can do to take one step closer to your goal. And don’t be afraid to abandon your plan if you find that your goal wasn’t something you actually wanted in the first place. Maybe you took some steps in the right direction but found that this thing doesn’t live up to the hype in your head. But the point is – you gave it a try!

Don’t be so hard on yourself. Show yourself patience and kindness this year.