Living your best life means living life on your terms. Sure, certain things are completely out of our hands and not in our control, such as other people’s actions, the weather, and unforeseen external circumstances. But we all have the ability to live life on our own terms. If we don’t like where we are or what we are doing or we want to improve our skills, we can make a change!

Sometimes I feel stuck in my life, but I keep moving anyway. I keep trying new things. I keep pushing when I feel uncomfortable or sad. My depression tries to slow me down, my anxiety tries to pull on me, and sometimes they do get the best of me. But I will always come out on top because I won’t stop moving. Even if I get slowed down, even if I stutter, or stop completely, I start back up – and you can too. If you don’t like something about your life you can change it. So, change it.