If you ever find yourself stuck somewhere – a job you dislike, a relationship that isn’t working, a life you don’t want – you have the power to change it. First, give yourself some space to relax and don’t be so hard on yourself. Sometimes we have to choose between limited options in life and we end up somewhere we never thought we would. Maybe you swore you wouldn’t follow in your parents’ footsteps, maybe you wanted to move out of your hometown, whatever it is you hoped and dreamed… you can still make moves towards changing your life. You can redirect your sails and steer yourself to a different island. Even if you feel all out of hope. Maybe you wanted to be a soccer star and you’re now in your mid-sixties. Well, maybe you could work towards a similar, adjacent dream. You could become an assistant soccer coach or maybe a referee for a young adult soccer team. Your dreams don’t have to die, they only die if you let them.

Keep dreaming, but start doing. Make moves towards the changes you want to see in your life and maybe you won’t reach those dreams, but you might step into a new dream. Because, you’ll be better off doing 1 pushup per day for a year rather than not doing any pushups. If you read one page every day for a year, that is one more book per year that you have read. Small incremental efforts over a long period of time add up to measurable results. Just remember, if you do nothing then you’ll stay put. If you start moving, you’ll at least get somewhere.