Lately I haven’t been able to come up with unique or creative solutions to the tasks I need to complete. I’ve been scrambled and pulled in so many different directions on so many different projects and wasn’t able to solely focus on one at a time. Juggling all these projects led me to become the post it queen. After not being able to execute on anything, I decided it was time to get organized. So, I created a spreadsheet laying out all the different projects I was working on, a description of them, what steps I have completed, what is left to do, and a projected finish date. After doing this and laying out all my projects in one spreadsheet, I was able to see the missing gaps. Ideas were popping in my head like “oh I could put THIS over HERE” and “I can do this next” or “I forgot about this part”. I was also able to attach my notes and resources so that I didn’t have anything on my post its. Prior to my spreadsheet, I just kept adding onto my post its and I even had to start a separate to do list because I couldn’t keep track of all my post its.

Once I realized I needed to get organized, it helped clear my mine, Once my mind was clear and the layout of all my projects and tasks stood before me, I was able to connect dots, see some gaps, and get creative! Who would have thought that by organizing my projects, it would spark my creativity. How do you get creative?